FNA's Biennial International Embalming and Reconstructive Surgery Conference


 A word about the Conference from your sponsor

 2014 will be Fountain National Academy's 24th year of providing quality Embalming and Reconstructive Surgery Seminars for Professional Embalmers. You can see more about our regular May and September series of seminars on this web site.


Vernie R. Fountain, Founder, Embalmer, Reconstructive Specialist, CFSP

Through the years I have often dreamed of having a Conference that would be totally dedicated to Embalming and Reconstructive Surgery Techniques.  To celebrate our 20th year I chose 2010 for the debut of FNA's 1st International Embalming & Reconstructive Surgery Conference for Professional Embalmers. 

Along with the presentations I conducted  I Hand-Picked 11 additional top notch speakers. I knew each of them personally and have observed their presentations and know that they are some of the most skilled and dedicated instructors in the profession.  All of them are Licensed Professional Embalmers.  My desire is to bring together at one place at one time the most technical information of any conference in the world. See the press release below about our 2012 conference.

My goals are:

Mark Your Calendar, Don’t Miss Out in 2016

  Activities will begin on (tentative date) August 4, 2016 at 5:30PM

Registration is limited to the first 150 registrants.  For more information e-mail Vernie R. Fountain: vrfountain@earthlink.net

or call: FNA: (417)-833-5130



4th Biennial

International Embalming and Reconstructive Surgery Conference for Professional Embalmers

Presented and Hosted by: 

Fountain National Academy Of Professional Embalming Skills

Vernie R. Fountain, Founder


(tentative date) August 4 - 7, 2016

Thursday evening through Noon on Sunday

 Numerous Embalming & Reconstructive subjects will be presented by multiple speakers

Conference Theme: “Dedicated to the Value of Open Casket Viewing”

 Vernie R. Fountain will conduct a live fund raising auction to benefit the scholarship program during Friday evening activities.


Venue for 2016: 

Doubletree Hotel

2431 North Glenstone

Springfield, Missouri 65803 USA

Hotel Phone: 417-831-3131

FNA Group Rate


2014 Conference Group - Embalmers from 7 countries attended

2014 International Conference Speakers

Jack Adams 2009005 Vernie R Shane A. Ritchie Glyn Pict Cropped.jpg


(Left to Right) Jack Adams, Jacquelyn S. Taylor Ph.D., Vernie R. Fountain, Don Kellerhall, Alain Koninckx,

Steven Labrash, Shane Ritchie, Glyn Tallon, Todd Van Beck, Karl Wenzel


The FNAcademy Awards for 2014

Honorees L-R: Donald Kellerhall, Megan Mathewson, James Allemond,

Jack Adams, Todd Van Beck, & Vernie R. Fountain, Award Presenter


 Conference Distinguished Guests of Honor

Jack Adams

Todd Van Beck


Distinguished Professional Service Medallion Awards

Jack Adams

James Allemond

Donald R. Kellerhall

Megan E. Mathewson

Todd Van Beck



Other highlights of the 2014 Conference

Classroom had comfortable theater type seating



The Cosmetic Class was an elective class. It was instructed by two-time

Emmy award winner Hollywood Special Affects and Makeup Artist

Dean Jones.



Attendees took a tour of the FNA Training Facility



Vernie R. Fountain conducts a live auction to raise funds for the Embalmers

Scholarship Program - Many THANKS must go to the donors of items and bidders

who raised over $7,000.00 for the scholarship program.







2012 Conference:


2012 Conference Speakers


Jack Adams     Steven Labrash        Glyn Tallon          Vernie R. Fountain  



Fred Vande Vusse   Dr. Jacquelyn Taylor     Bryan Allison   Melissa J. Williams



Robert G. Mayer         Karl Wenzel          Pierre M. Fugere       Craig Caldwell



Highlights of the 2010 Conference

10 Countries & 25 States represented in this picture

What a great group of dedicated professional embalmers.


The Distinguished Guests of Honor receiving their

Distinguished Professional Service awards.

Robert J. Inman(Center)

Robert G. Mayer, Jr. (Right) 

Shadow box in the chair is in memory of the late Donald W. Sawyer

Vernie R. Fountain (Left)

In Memory of Donald W. Sawyer

This Shadow box will remain of permanent display

at the FNA Training Facility


This is the FNA Distinguished Professional Service Medallion

These medallions were awarded August 5, 2010 to:

Darrell M. Wilkins

Glyn M. Tallon

Robert J. Inman

Robert J. Mayer, Jr.

Donald W. Sawyer (Posthumously)


This is the Distinguished Guest of Honor Award Cup

These were given to the Guests of Honor in

Attendance. Robert J. Inman & Robert G. Mayer, Jr.


Filled classroom                                                                                Fun by all


Along with a lot of fun there was a lot                                       Fun by all

of deep concentrated learning




The very funny ventriloquist Greg Claassen (right)

Jim Brown on the left. A hilarious event



Numerous technical Presentations



Robert G. Mayer with his Medallion doing Autographs


A fun time                                                                                       Taking a lot of notes 



2012 FNA International Embalming & Reconstructive Surgery

Conference for Professional Embalmers.

August 2-5, 2012, Springfield, Missouri USA

PRESS RELEASE 2012 Conference


DATE:              August 15, 2012

CONTACT:     Vernie R. Fountain

PHONE:          417-833-5130


Subject; FNA’S Biennial International Embalming & Reconstructive Surgery Conference for Professional Embalmers


Springfield, Missouri, USA:  Fountain National Academy (FNA) wrapped up its second International Embalming & Reconstructive Surgery Conference August 2-5th, 2012.  The conference attracted over 70 embalmers from four countries and 25 states.  The conference theme was “Dedicated to the value of open casket viewing”.   Founder Vernie R. Fountain carefully selected twelve top-notch speakers from the U.S and abroad, plus two exhibitor speakers, to deliver highly specialized, technical presentations to attendees.  The conference focused on teaching the embalmer how to restore trauma cases from the most minor and most extreme examples to allow open casket viewing.  In addition to Vernie Fountain conference presenters included Jack Adams, Steven Labrash, Glyn Tallon, Fred Vande Vusse, Dr. Jacqueline Taylor, Bryan Allison, Melissa J. Williams, Robert G. Mayer, Karl Wenzel, Pierre M. Fugere and Craig Caldwell.  Exhibitor speakers were Jim Brown of Mid States Professional Service, Craig & Irwin Maltz of Shiva Shade.  Exhibitors included Fraley Funeral Supply/Hydrol Chemical Company, The Dodge Company, The American Society of Embalmers, Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, Mid States Professional Services and Shiva Shade.


A highlight of this year’s conference was a very fun and lively, live auction to benefit the new FNA Scholarship program.  Its purpose is to assist licensed or qualified embalmers with funds to be used toward continuing education in the area of postmortem reconstruction. Funds can be used to attend state and national conventions and other seminars where course content is geared toward restoring the deceased to a viewable state. Over 100 donated items were auctioned raising almost $9,000.


The Guests of honor at the opening session were John R. Brayboy, President of Mid-America College of Funeral Service, Dr. Jacqueline Taylor, Executive Director of New England Institute at Mount Ida College and Melissa Johnson Williams, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the American Society of Embalmers.  These guests, along with FNA Ambassador to Canada Karl D. Wenzel, all received the FNA Distinguished Professional Service Award, FNA’s most distinguished honor.

Don Otto, Executive Director of the Missouri Funeral Directors & Embalmers Association (MFDEA) and John Pautz, President of MFDEA were present and welcomed the group on behalf of MFDEA.  At the end of the opening session Mr. Fountain was surprised when he was awarded a proclamation from the Mayor of Springfield, Missouri recognizing the achievements of Fountain National Academy and the International Conference.   Other conference highlights included an opening night reception, a group lunch, a Friday night cocktail hour with dinner and entertainment and the Saturday night auction.

The next FNA International Conference is scheduled for 2014.

Interested parties are welcome to follow the fun, join the conversation and check out our photos on Vernie Fountain’s Facebook page or @verniefountain on Twitter.  For information you can   e-mail Vernie R. Fountain at vrfountain@earthlink.net or call 417-833-5130 or visit www.fnacademy.com