Please note: As of 2022, I have retired from F.I.R.M

F.I.R.M., or Forensic Investigative Resources of the Midwest, is a Licensed and Insured Private Investigation Agency specializing in death investigation and some other types of cases.
As former Chief Death Investigator for a Medical Examiner's Office I witnessed situations in which families were not satisfied with the initial death investigation. In many cases family members would seek an outside entity such as a private investigator to perform an independent investigation. Oftentimes an inexperienced investigator would leave the family with little more than frustration and several hundred, perhaps even thousands of dollars worth of bills for work which didn't provide any new information.

Facts, truths and circumstances surround every death event. F.I.R.M. can provide a thorough secondary investigation, exhumation of the body, a second autopsy by a Board Certified Forensic Pathologist, and can assemble a Forensic Team as necessary. It is prudent to note that facts are facts and F.I.R.M. does not guarantee its investigation will yield evidence that will alter the official cause or manner of death. However, our investigation may uncover useful evidence to answer questions and provide supporting evidence for legal process by an attorney.